Two female Afghan Supreme Court judges killed in Kabul

Two Afghan female judges shot dead in Kabul ambush

Another judge was injured. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack

Afghan officials said Sunday that two female Supreme Court justices have been shot dead in Kabul as the latest in a series of targeted killings..

A court spokesman said the dead were on their way to work when unknown assailants ambushed and fired at their company car..

City Police Confirmed Third Female Judge And Car Driver Was Wounded In The Attack.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Taliban spokesman denies movement’s involvement in attack.

Afghan authorities say there are currently about 250 women judges and about 400 women prosecutors in the country..

Sunday’s violence is yet another murder targeting officials, politicians, prosecutors, doctors, journalists and civil society activists. Typically, incidents occur in and around Kabul, and in most cases no one takes responsibility for them..

In condemning the killing of women judges, President Ashraf Ghani reiterated his blame on the Taliban for being behind a series of deadly incidents. Reiterating his call for the rebels to declare a ceasefire, the Afghan leader stressed that «violence and terrorism» are not a solution to the problem.

Acting US Ambassador to Kabul, Ross Wilson, also condemned the killings of female Supreme Court judges and called for a prompt investigation. However, he did not directly blame the Taliban..

«The Taliban must understand that such actions, for which they are responsible, outrage the world and must stop if we are to achieve peace in Afghanistan.», – Wilson wrote in «Twitter».

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Two female Afghan Supreme Court judges killed in Kabul

The U.S. Embassy on Sunday again urged Americans to refrain from traveling to Afghanistan due to increased terrorist attacks, kidnappings, criminal violence and civil unrest across the country..

«Hotels, housing estates, international organizations, embassies and other places frequented by foreign citizens, including US citizens, are known to be under constant threat. US citizens already in Afghanistan should consider leaving», – said in a statement from the embassy.

For their part, the Taliban accuses the government in Kabul of plotting targeted assassinations to defame the group and undermine U.S.-mediated intra-Afghan peace talks..

Militants claimed responsibility for some of the attacks «Islamic State», active in the country.

Human Rights Watch’s interim co-director of women’s rights, Heather Barr, says Sunday’s killings indicate increased risks faced by women judges in Afghanistan..

«This is a depressing example of how limited progress has been on women’s rights in Afghanistan. There are only about 250 female judges, so this is the murder of two – this is the death of almost one percent», – said Barr «Voice of America».

Two female Afghan Supreme Court judges killed in Kabul