Trump Signs Pandemic Relief Bill

Trump signs pandemic relief bill | ABC7

The President signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act for the fiscal year ending 30 September 2021

On Sunday evening, U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021, to provide relief and relief from the coronavirus and for other purposes..

The document was delivered from Washington to the Mar-a-Lago estate for the president to sign.

Trump sharply criticized the bill earlier this week and made it clear on Saturday that he remains opposed to it..

On Saturday he wrote in «Twitter»: «I just want our wonderful people to receive $ 2,000 each, and not the meager $ 600 included in the bill. You also need to remove “feeder” out of billions of dollars».

Demanding higher payments was seen as a rebuke to members of his own Republican Party, which resisted Democratic attempts to negotiate higher payments..

According to the Department of Labor, if the president did not sign the bill, 14 million Americans would lose unemployment benefits..

Trump Signs Pandemic Relief Bill

President-elect Joe Biden calls on Trump to sign bill.

«This refusal to be held accountable will be devastating.… This bill is extremely important. It must be signed», – said Biden, who spends the holidays in his home state of Delaware.

The President of the United States spends a holiday weekend at his Florida estate as both Democrats and Republicans waited to see if he would sign the critical $ 2.3 trillion government funding bill that provides $ 892 billion in coronavirus relief..

Members of the House of Representatives also plan to vote on Monday to overcome Trump’s veto on the $ 740 billion bill to finance the country‘s defense programs. If this happens, the Senate could hold its vote as early as Tuesday. Overcoming a president’s veto requires two-thirds of the vote in each house.