Trump leaves the White House

President Trump And Melania Trump Leave The White House | TODAY

Speaking at the farewell ceremony, he announced that he would return &# 171; in one form or another

Donald Trump’s four years in office ended on Wednesday morning.

After leaving the White House, Trump arrived by helicopter at Andrews Base to board Air Force One for the last time and fly to Florida..

It was an incredible four years, he said during his farewell ceremony: stressing that «we have achieved a lot». «Amazing by any standard» named the outgoing president the achievements of his administration. Trump said his administration was not «ordinary administration».

Among his achievements, Trump named, in particular, the revival of the country‘s armed forces, tax cuts, deregulation and the creation of new jobs..

Regarding the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump noted the speed with which a vaccine against the disease has been developed.

Stressing that tenure as president was for him «highest honor», Trump told his supporters: «I will always fight for you».

He wished the new administration «great luck and great success».

«We’ll be back in one form or another», – Trump said.

Melania Trump also spoke at the farewell ceremony.

Around the same time Air Force One lands in Florida, Democrat Joe Biden will be sworn in as the country’s new president. Contrary to tradition, Trump will not attend the inauguration ceremony.

Trump leaves the White House

Trump’s future, including his political aspirations, remains uncertain.

«I want you to know that the movement we started is just beginning», – he said in a farewell video message posted on Tuesday. – There has never been anything like it. The belief that the country should serve its citizens will not disappear, but will only grow stronger every day ».

Trump leaves office, becoming the first president in US history to be impeached twice.

The timing of the upcoming Senate trial on charges that he provoked a crowd of supporters to storm the US Capitol two weeks ago is unclear..

Recall that on Tuesday, Trump briefly mentioned the attack on the Capitol, stating that the Americans «were terrified» and that political violence «unacceptable».

In his final days as president, Trump has pardoned and commuted sentences handed down to more than 140 individuals, including his former adviser Stephen Bannon..

Trump leaves the White House