Trump doesn’t want to postpone elections, but worries about mail-order voting

President Donald Trump attempts to claim election victory as several states still count ballots

During a White House briefing, the President explained his proposal to postpone the election date

Hours after proposing a possible postponement of the presidential election, Donald Trump said Thursday that he does not want to postpone voting day, but he remains concerned that millions of ballot papers sent by mail could cause problems in the counting of votes..

«I want elections and results much, much more than you, ”Trump said to reporters at the White House.“ I don’t want to postpone [the vote]. I want to hold an election. But I also don’t want to wait for [the results] for three months and then find out that all the ballots are lost and the elections are invalid.»

Trump cited recent press reports of potential problems with late mailings and said the final results could be summed up weeks, months, or even years after Election Day.. «Do I want to see the date shift? No, but I don’t want to see unfair elections», – said the president.

Trump proposed postponing the election date on Twitter this afternoon, prompting a wave of bipartisan criticism..

«Glad I managed to get even the leading obscure media to start talking about the risks to our democracy posed by dangerous mail-order voting (not from the absentee ballots, which I fully support)», – wrote the president.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell told a radio station in Kentucky that the election date is set by law and will take place on November 3..

Trump doesn't want to postpone elections, but worries about mail-order voting

«No, Mr. President, Progressive Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted, We will not postpone the election.».

The New York Times called the president‘s proposal «a gross violation of the rules of presidential decorum».

The White House released a statement Thursday clarifying the president’s tweet. Trump is not pushing for a change in the election date, the statement said, and the gist of his proposal is to criticize Democrats who are trying to scale up the postal vote, which Republicans say could lead to significant delays in summing up the election..

According to CBS New York, in the state of New York, the results of some primaries for congressional elections were summed up only more than a month after polling stations closed. This was caused by delays in the counting of absentee ballots and postal ballots.

Trump doesn't want to postpone elections, but worries about mail-order voting