Trump criticized Pelosi for rejecting his proposal to end the shutdown

Trump’s proposal to end shutdown still included $5.7 billion wall

According to the president, Democrats should agree to the construction of the wall in exchange for protecting some illegal immigrants from deportation.

US President Donald Trump on Sunday criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for refusing to accept his proposal to end a record 30-day partial government shutdown («shutdown»). The compromise, as Trump described it, involved the allocation of $ 5.7 billion to build a barrier on the border with Mexico and three years of protection from deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (archived photo)

«Nancy Pelosi and some Democrats turned down my offer yesterday even before I spoke. They don’t notice crime and drugs, they only see 2020, [presidential elections] that they won’t win. Better economy, – tweeted Trump. – They have to do the right thing and let people get back to work.».

Trump, who is celebrating half of his four-year tenure at the White House, on Saturday proposed a plan to end the longest «shutdown» in the history of the United States. However, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, called Trump’s initiative «no-go option» even before the president’s speech.

Pelosi responded to Trump via «Twitter», stating: «800 thousand Americans have to live without a paycheck», referring to civil servants sent on leave without pay or forced to work without pay.

«Open up the government, let the workers get their wages, and then we can discuss how we can unite to defend the border.», – she added.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he plans to put Trump’s proposal up for a vote in the coming days, although it will need multiple Democratic votes to pass..

Trump has defended his initiative to offer protection from deportation to 740,000 immigrants who were illegally brought into the United States as children, and thousands of Hispanics and Africans who are temporarily residing in the United States and faced with demands to return home..

Conservative critics of the Trump plan say protection from deportation is tantamount to an amnesty for lawbreakers. However, Trump tweeted: «No, amnesty is not part of my proposal…The amnesty will only be used as part of a larger agreement, whether on immigration or whatever. Likewise, there will be no large-scale attempts to expel over 11 million people who are in the country illegally, but be careful, Nancy!»

Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News on Sunday: «This is not an amnesty. No path to citizenship is proposed. What Americans Heard Yesterday, – state approach».

Pence says Trump paved the way for an agreement.

«The President proposed a solution, and the Democrats were just nice words», – said Pence.

Democrats demanded that Trump first open the government and only then begin negotiations on border security, while rejecting the idea of ​​building a wall as ineffective and immoral. They offered $ 1.3 billion in additional funding to strengthen border security, but not to build the wall. Democrats in the House of Representatives intend to come up with new legislative initiatives to strengthen border security in the coming days.

Republicans have a majority with 53 seats in the 100-seat Senate, but major bills almost always require a 60-vote majority to pass. It is not yet clear if Trump will be able to convince at least seven Democrats to support his proposal..

Trump criticized Pelosi for rejecting his proposal to end the shutdown

«As the president says, “we’ll see”, – Pence told Fox News. – People will start voting and we will see their positions».

Even if the Senate approves of Trump’s plan, he is likely to be defeated in the House of Representatives, where Pelosi’s opposition holds a strong position. However, Trump’s Senate victory could lead to new talks on his plan to build the wall and end «shutdown», as a result of which 800 thousand federal employees were sent on unpaid leave or forced to work without pay.

«Nancy Pelosi is so irrational and has gone so far to the left that she is now officially a radical democrat. She turns so stiff before “left” in her party that lost control. And by the way, clean the streets in San Francisco, they are awful!»

San Francisco – hometown of Pelosi.

Due to the continued tension around the construction of the wall and «shutdown», Pelosi recently demanded that Trump postpone the report «On the state of affairs in the country», with which he was supposed to speak on January 29 at a joint meeting of the Houses of Congress, on a different date, after the resumption of government work. She offered to present the report to Congress in writing or to speak at the White House. In turn, Trump postponed her trip to Afghanistan, where she and other leaders of Congress were to meet with American troops in order to familiarize themselves with the situation..

Trump did not directly respond to her call to postpone the appeal «On the state of affairs in the country» before completion «shutdown».

However, on Sunday, he stated: «Nancy, I’m still thinking about performing “On the state of affairs in the country”. There are so many options here, including those outlined in your written proposal (speak during “shutdown” – security is not a problem) and in my written consent.Although the contract is a contract, I will contact you shortly!»

In turn, characterizing the legislative initiative that the Democrats put forward in the current situation, the head of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said: «The bill protects federal employees in five ways: from eviction or mortgage foreclosures if they cannot pay their rent; from confiscation of the car if they are unable to pay; from cancellation of student loans in case of failure to pay; damage to credit history if (federal employee) is unable to pay the bill on time; and finally, from cancellation of insurance. We need to protect our federal employees – until “shutdown” will not end»