Navalny in court: Putin will go down in history as a poisoner. Full text

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny jailed, declares Putin ‘the Underwear Poisoner’

At a court hearing on the replacement of Navalny’s suspended sentence with a real oppositionist, he made political appeals

Alexey Navalny, speaking on Tuesday in court, which is considering the issue of replacing him with a suspended sentence in the case «Yves Rocher» on the real, again accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of organizing an attempt on his life, as well as his criminal prosecution. Audio recording of Navalny’s speech:

Full text of Alexey Navalny’s speech

I would like to start by discussing a legal issue, which seems to me to be the main one and a little bit overlooked from this discussion. Because everything looks a little weird. Here are two sitting, and one of them says… We have proved and shown that he is not engaged in geopolitics, but is holding a meeting at which he decides how to steal cowards from political opponents, smear them with chemical weapons and try to kill them. The main thing in this process is not even how it will end for me, whether they put me in jail or not, jail me, in general, is not difficult for me on one or another matter. The main reason for this is to intimidate a huge number of people. This is how it works: one is imprisoned to frighten millions. We have 20 million people below the poverty line, tens of millions of people live here without the slightest prospects. We have tens of millions of people who belong to those we talk about every day. In Moscow, life is even more or less, and you will drive away 100 kilometers – there are generally full seams. And here you have the whole country living in this seam, not having the slightest prospects, receiving 20 thousand rubles, and they are all silent, and they are trying to shut them up with just such demonstration processes. Plant this to scare the millions. Someone went outside – to plant five more people to scare 15 million. And the main thing I want to say. This process, I really hope, will not be perceived by people as a signal that they should be more afraid. It’s not true that this is a show of strength. – that’s all, Rosgvardia, this cage. This is a demonstration of weakness, just weakness. Both millions and hundreds of thousands cannot be planted. And I really hope that people will become more and more aware of this. And when they realize, and such a moment will come, all this will crumble. Because you will not put the whole country in jail, because all these people who have been deprived of prospects, deprived of the future, who live in the richest country and receive zero from national wealth, everyone else gets zero, we only grow by the number of billionaires in the world, everything else falls … I sit in my cell and hear reports about how the price of butter has risen, the price of pasta has risen, the price of eggs has risen. 2021, country – exporter of oil and gas. Our whole country says that pasta has risen in price, and we can no longer live. And now you have deprived these people of prospects, and you are trying to intimidate these people. I urge everyone not to be afraid! All this power is founded…

– (out of shape) Let’s go back to the view.

Navalny: I’m right there already, I’m right in the middle of it.

– You didn’t say anything about the show. Your attitude to performance (nrg), not politics.

Navalny: All I say, your honor, look, listen… You say that…

– Let’s get back to the process.

Navalny: …I didn’t say anything about the show. That’s all – representation is. And all I say is my attitude to the performance that you put on. Let me go directly to the submission.

So, it happens when lawlessness and arbitrariness are the essence of the political system. And this is awful. But it happens even worse when lawlessness and arbitrariness put on the uniform of a prosecutor or a judicial mantle. And in this case, it is the duty of every person not to obey the laws that are dressed in these robes. That which is behind you and within you is arbitrariness and lawlessness. And every man’s duty – disobey you, disobey such laws.

– (nrzb) now call, and do not give your position on the submission.

Navalny: I call on absolutely everyone…

– We are not having a rally now, let’s get back to the performance, I ask you.

Navalny: We are not having a rally, we are having my speech. I’m back, your honor.

– You do not give your position on presentation, but tell…

Navalny: Everything will be very good. I returned to our performance, I am exactly about our performance and say.

Navalny in court: Putin will go down in history as a poisoner. Full text

– You didn’t say your position (nrzb).

Navalny: Now you’re stopping me from talking, let’s take turns at least.

– Because let’s not get involved in politics.

Navalny: I give my opinion.

– Tell me your opinion about…

Navalny: I have formed an opinion about this idea, so I am expressing it to you. I have no other opinion, and please listen to me. Once again I want to say that when arbitrariness and lawlessness put on your uniforms and pretend to be the law, then the duty of every honest person – disobey you and fight you with all your might. And I fight as best I can. And I will continue to do so. Despite the fact that now, given that, of course, I was completely under the control of these people who love to smear everything with chemical weapons, probably no one will give even three kopecks for my life, but, nevertheless, even now, even from my place, I say that I will fight with you, and I urge everyone else not to be afraid of you and to do everything so that the law, and not the mummers in uniforms and robes, triumph. And I salute all those who are fighting and who are not afraid, all honest people. I greet and thank the FBK employees who are now under arrest, and everyone else throughout the country who is not afraid and take to the streets, because they have the same rights as you. Because our country belongs to them to the same extent as it belongs to you and to everyone else. We are the same citizens, and we demand normal justice, a normal attitude towards us, participation in elections, participation in the distribution of national wealth. Yes, we demand all this! And I want to say that if there is… There are many good things in Russia now, and the best thing is – these are the very people who are not afraid, who do not lower their eyes, who do not look at the table, and who will never give our country to a bunch of corrupt officials who decided to exchange our homeland for their palaces, vineyards and aquadiskotheques. And I demand…

– Your opinion on the submission (nrzb).

Navalny: My opinion… I finished already. My opinion is that I demand immediate release, immediate freedom for myself and for other arrested persons. I do not recognize this whole idea, it is completely false, it does not comply with the law. And I demand my immediate release. thank!

Navalny faces the replacement of a suspended sentence – 3.5 years in prison on charges of fraud – with a real one, according to the Federal Penitentiary Service. The department says that Navalny violated the conditions of the probationary period. The case is being heard by a judge of the Simonovsky court, but the meeting is taking place in the building of the Moscow City Court.

Navalny in court: Putin will go down in history as a poisoner. Full text