Levada: Putin’s approval rate among youth fell by a quarter in a year

Vladimir Putin’s dropping approval ratings | Perspective with Alison Smith

Only half of people aged 18–21 Endorses Putin’s Activities, Poll Shows &# 171; Levada Center, held in January 2021. Since January 2020, the level of presidential approval in this group has dropped by a quarter compared to the post-Crimean euphoria. — almost half.

Only half of people between the ages of 18 and 24 approve of the activities of Vladimir Putin, the survey showed. «Levada Center», held in January 2021. Since January 2020, the level of approval of the Russian president in this group has dropped by a quarter, and compared to 2014, when Crimea was annexed — almost half.

The minimum level of approval for Putin in January was found not only among young people, but also in other age groups. The fall in these groups was not so sharp: among people 25–39 years — 34 percent, 40–45 years — by 25. Even in the 55+ group, the most loyal to the incumbent president, the level of approval since the annexation of Crimea fell by 9 percent, although it remains very high: 74 percent approve of his activities against 51 among the youngest respondents.

  • Director «Levada Center» Lev Gudkov in conversation with «Open media» noted that the growth of critical attitudes towards the authorities — continuation of the trend that has been developing over the past two years. «The pandemic here has become a catalyst for the accumulation of irritation that developed earlier. In my opinion, this is also due to the actions of Alexei Navalny, outrage at the arrest and the success of the film about Putin», — says Gudkov.
  • Levada: Putin's approval rate among youth fell by a quarter in a year

In general, for all ages, the level of approval and disapproval of the president’s activities has not fundamentally changed over the past four years. According to data for January 2021, 64 percent of Russians approve of his activities. Do not approve — 34.

The proportion of those who count. that things in the country are moving in the right direction has not changed much over the past four years. Now 49 percent of respondents think so. An alternative point of view is shared by 40 percent. Trust in Putin has dropped 4 points since September 2020, to 29 percent, in an open poll (that is, respondents could name whoever they wanted). Navalny — rose 2 percent to 5 percent. He is in sixth place in the trust rating after Putin, Mishustin, Zhirinovsky, Shoigu and Lavrov.

The level of approval for Putin’s work and the conviction that things are going in the right direction in the country correlate with where people get their information from. Those who find out the news from TV trust the president more. Those who read online media and the Internet, — vice versa. 57% of those who watch TV, and only 39% of those who read online media and social networks, are sure that things in the country are going in the right direction. 74% and 52% approve of Putin, respectively.

  • The survey involved 1616 people aged 18 and over, in 137 settlements, 50 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. They were spoken to from January 29 to February 2, 2021..
  • According to «Levada Center», The rating of trust in Vladimir Putin reached the highest level in 2015. Then it was 80 percent.
  • At the end of January, the fund «Public opinion» reported that in the week from 17 to 24 January, the level of confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin dropped from 55 to 53 percent. This decline occurred against the backdrop of the release of the film. "Palace for Putin" and thousands of protests in support of Alexei Navalny.