Biden: Force should only be used as a last resort

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The President visited the Pentagon, where he stated his position on national defense issues

US President Joe Biden pledged that he would not hesitate to use force to protect «vital interests» America, but stressed that force should only be used as «last resort».

Biden outlined his views on U.S. national defense strategy during a visit to the Pentagon on Wednesday.

«As your Supreme Commander, I will not hesitate to use force to protect the vital interests of the American people and our allies around the world when needed.», – said Biden.

«But I believe that force should be used as a last resort, not the first.», – he added.

According to Biden, he is determined to work with leaders around the world to «end wars that have dragged on for too long in a responsible way».

At the same time, he stressed that it is important to do everything to prevent terrorist threats from endangering the American people..

Pentagon officials recently questioned the Taliban’s commitment to peace in Afghanistan, citing the group’s ongoing attacks on the Afghan government. According to them, such an attitude calls into question the continuation of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan..

The President also spoke about the need to strengthen American alliances around the world.. «We can better project our military power when we enhance our strength through alliances», – he said.

Biden said it was extremely important «rethink and re-prioritize» in US security to meet the challenges of this century.

«We need to explore the dangers and opportunities presented by new technologies, expand our potential in cyberspace, and secure positions for leadership in a new era of competition. – from the depths of the sea to space, – said Biden. – We must also respond to growing challenges from China to keep the peace and protect our interests in the Indo-Pacific and globally.».

Biden: Force should only be used as a last resort

At the same time, the President expressed confidence that the United States «meet the challenges of China and ensure the American people win future competition».

Biden announced on Wednesday the formation of a special working group within the Department of Defense to immediately begin revising US military strategy against threats from Beijing..

The President gave the working group four months to assess the current situation so that the United States «could chart … the way forward on issues related to China».

In listing the challenges, Biden did not mention Russia among them..

He named the American army «the best fighting forces in the history of the world» and promised to respect and honor people wearing military uniform.

«You are incredible heroes and incredible patriots, – said Biden. – I will never, never tarnish you, I will always respect you and never politicize your work.».

Biden: Force should only be used as a last resort