Biden discusses COVID-19 economic measures with Republicans on Monday

President Joe Biden meets with Republicans to discuss stimulus relief bill

Ten moderate Republican senators to present their proposal to the president to reduce the amount of the aid package

President Joe Biden is meeting at the White House on Monday with 10 moderate Republican senators to discuss their proposal to cut the coronavirus-related economic aid package, while Democrats prepare to push the initiative through Congress without Republican support. The meeting is scheduled for 17.00.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said during a Monday briefing that there is still room for bipartisan support for the economic aid package..

Biden has expressed interest in working with Republicans in Congress. White House Pledges Republican Senators «full exchange of views».

However, while the Biden plan calls for $ 1.9 trillion, Republicans are offering $ 600 billion, and the White House has shown no sign of willingness to cut what officials say is needed to meet the country‘s needs..

«Mr. President, we recognize your calls for unity and want to work in good faith with your administration to address the health, economic and social challenges of the pandemic crisis.», – Republican Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and seven other colleagues said on Monday.

«We share many of your priorities», – they added.

The Republican plan does not provide assistance to state and municipal governments, which, according to Biden, is «compulsory» point for Democrats in Congress. In addition, Republicans want to reduce the amount of direct payments to the population from $ 1,400 to $ 1,000..

The adoption of the aid package will not only ease the plight of the population and business, but will also be the first test for Biden, who promised to overcome the inter-party division in Washington..

Biden discusses COVID-19 economic measures with Republicans on Monday

To pass the package, it is necessary that it be supported by all 50 Democrats in the Senate and at least 10 out of 50 Republicans..

Since the Republicans are not satisfied with the amount proposed by Biden, the Democrats plan to use a legislative instrument that will allow the initiative to be adopted by a simple majority of votes. In cases where the votes in the Senate are divided equally, the casting vote belongs to Vice President Kamala Harris..

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate will begin work on the plan this week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Says Congress Will Complete Preliminary Phase By The End Of The Week.

Biden, who took office on Jan.20, is proposing $ 160 billion for vaccines and testing, $ 170 billion for schools and universities, and direct payments to the public..