Biden calls on Georgians to support Democrats in Senate elections

Biden stumps for Georgia Democrats as early voting starts in Senate runoff elections

President-elect says Republican control over Senate will impede his campaign agenda

Hours after speaking with Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader and promises «try to work together», President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday called on Georgians to get rid of Republican control of the Senate by electing two Democratic candidates in the state’s January 5 elections..

Biden, who visited Georgia the day after the Electoral College confirmed his November 3 election, said Republican control over the Senate could jeopardize much of his campaign agenda..

«Are you ready to vote for two senators who can speak “Yes”, not just “not”?» – With these words, Biden addressed the participants of the rally in Atlanta, who were in cars, observing the rules of social distancing in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

In the January 5 elections, Democrats Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff will battle for seats in the upper house of Congress with incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, respectively. If the Democrats win, this party will establish control over both houses of Congress and the White House, and a Republican victory will allow McConnell to block many of Biden’s initiatives..

Biden told reporters that he and McConnell agreed to meet shortly to discuss potential areas of cooperation..

However, during a speech in Atlanta, the president-elect clearly outlined the limits of this partnership, saying that Senate control is necessary for Democrats to make progress in the fight against coronavirus, fund testing and distribution of vaccines, and help state and local governments..

He also criticized Loeffler and Purdue for supporting a lawsuit filed by Texas and backed by Trump to invalidate election results in Georgia and three other states that Biden had won. On Friday, the US Supreme Court refused to consider the claim.

Biden calls on Georgians to support Democrats in Senate elections

«They fully supported the cancellation of nearly 5 million votes cast in Georgia», – Biden said.

Biden’s victory over Trump in Georgia by a small margin means that the traditional stronghold of the Republicans has become one of the «hesitant» states.

Both parties have invested heavily in their candidates’ campaigns ahead of the second round of Senate elections in January. Biden’s trip to Atlanta comes nine days after Trump’s visit to Georgia urging state residents to support Republican senators..

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said Warnock and Ossoff «represent ultra-left» wing of the Democratic Party, and that Biden’s appearance in Georgia is proof of how much left-wing Democrats influence Joe Biden

Biden calls on Georgians to support Democrats in Senate elections