Since 1999, we started as a team of programmers in trading investment field. When we start we have idea to earn money without doing anything, intellectual algorithm will can do it for us. In addition, after few months discussing, we start to develop this algorithm and test it with end version in 2002. Then we have gotten best result from our testing. Therefore, we decide to improve this algorithm. Simultaneously we earned money using this algorithm. We earned by using this algorithm about 16 years, at the end we have decided to integrate it to web portal for servicing to humanity. As a result of this decide, we organize company in UK for continue officially using this algorithm. Now we describe you principals of work of our algorithm.


Amazing profitability:

Crypto On Trading Limited provides special investment plans with a speculation of a profit up to 9 percent per day and on a continuous basis with the capacity to withdraw funds instantly at the accomplishment of the essential sum on the balance.

United Kingdom legit company:

Crypto On Trading Limited has experienced the necessary registration processes and legally offers trust management services in the financial circle in the United Kingdom territory and far away from its borders.

Trade algorithm with no lost:

We have excellent calculated and prepared algorithm, which trade in some Exchange services automatically without any controlling. It needs only invest on it and get daily profit.


The sufficient operational experience of Crypto On Trading Ltd makes investments affordable, safe, and high yielding – this also distinguishes the organization among others existing in the trust management market. Any deposits you have will work permanently and will always accrue more profit from 5 to 9 percent per day. All you need to do is to make a deposit, which would make you an integral part of the organization and earn a profit from every of its financial transaction until the end of your plan.

Instant Withdrawals

The moment your balance gets to $2 USD, you will be able to make use of the withdrawal request function. The requests are automatically processed and your money is sent to your specified details instantly.

Hourly Profit

The earnings you get per hour rely exclusively on the size of your deposits. Your individual deposit has its conditions for having your profits calculated and does not total up with the remaining.

Professional Team Management

The specialists of Crypto On Trading Ltd have gone through specialized technical training and are fully experienced with crypto-currency users. We are always ready to welcome and supervise our new clients.

Registered Company

Crypto On Trading Limited is a new registered company in UK for trading officially. You can see detailed information about this company in followed link bellow.


24/7 Support

We offer a full-fledged consultation as well as the essential information when you contact our customer support either with the use of our contact form, online chat, email, or via our phone number.

First Class Security

The website undergoes consistent, dependable protection and monitoring against virus intrusion, DDoS, theft attack of the user’s personal data with the use of Comodo SSL Encryption, Premiums DDoS security and Anti Hacking firewall.


At the end, we have already started officially to organize our business under the company named Crypto On Trading Limited, which created on 12, March 2019 in UK with registration number 11877431.




Adress: 8, King William Street, London, EC4N 7TW, UNITED KINGDOM

Support e-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +442081339445

Skype: cryptobank

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